Books by R.J. Craddock

Tales of Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and Paranormal Romance

The Decree

(The Thirteen Tribes of Cain volume 3) - The Continued tale of Gwenevere, the young witch without a passed thrown into the human world. She and her friends are now performing in their own Las Vegas show, disguising real magic as illusions. Suddenly civil war breaks loose among The Children of Cain and all The Forsaken are ordered to leave the human world and return to their original clans. Only Gwen has no home to return to and plans to ignore the warning and stay. Until her boyfriend is found dead and the police come after her as she is suspected to be a surreal killer. It turns out someone or something has been killing off all her ex-lovers making it look as though Gwen is the killer. Unable to prove her innocence Gwen has no choice but to flee and finds she has only one place to go. She must turn to the coven that betrayed her beloved Angelo and left him to die. 

New Adult Urban Fantasy - Book three in The Thirteen Tribes of Cain series, due out fall of 2018.

Poetry and Art

Disenchantment - A collection of art and poetry from the author's time as a starving art student at The Art Institute of Phoenix. To be released 2017

A Fairy For Every Season- Art and poetry book/ Calendar - A collection of Fairy artwork and poems done by R.J. Craddock inspired by every month/ season of the year. Will also be available as a Calendar in 2016. Coming out in December 2017


Air Bound - A Tale about a primitive people who live on the mountain peaks and soar in the clouds. One of their young runs off to a neighboring kingdom and is lost. His cousin Crimson and her gang of warriors follow his trail to the forbidden land to recover him. What they find is a kingdom of flightless mortals who hate and fear their kind. They hide their true nature in fear. Only Crimson happen's to catch the eye of the King and it's only a matter of time until they are all discovered for what they truly are......Dragons. 

A Young Adult novel to be announced..

Whispers of the Fae -  Fiona is a seventeen-year-old girl who has to move from Manhattan, U.S.A to Killarney, Ireland after her mother's death to take care of her Father's mentally disturbed Father. Her parents have never spoken of their youth in Ireland and now Fiona is getting the impression that they left their homeland for mysterious reasons. Suddenly she's hearing voices and seeing a strangely dressed man riding around the hills on a white mysterious horse.  Then suddenly her little sister goes missing in the woods near her home only to be discovered a few days later sick and half starved. She begins to recover and regain her health. The only problem is the girl is not Fiona's real sister but a fairy changeling. Fiona has to risk everything to find her real sister, even going into the mysterious woods and facing the strange horsemen whose being fallowing her. It turns out her grandfather isn't losing his mind after all, for there really are fairy's and demons in the night and she just might be one of them.

A stand alone Young Adult novel. Due out 2018.

Fictiophilia - A witty tale about an international best selling author who has a secret. She's obsessed with the leading man from her own series of romance novels!  Now the series is coming to an end and she finds it painful to write an ending for the perfect man, who also happens to appear to her regularly to cheer her up, give her sound advice or laugh at her every witty dialogue. With a charming look into the world of publishing and the characters that write the characters a.k.a. authors. 

A stand alone Chick Lit novel. Due date to be announced.

Precipice - A Sci-fi Dystopia about two of earths last survivors, Anoma and Zekiel as they struggle to obey their alien benefactors and fit into the human colony they have been raise in while they wait for their return to earth. 

A stand alone Sci-fi Young Adult novel. Due date to be announced.

A Grimm Reality - A historical fiction that takes a look into the lives of the famous brothers who collected the world's most beloved fairy tales with a dark twist on reality. One brother has an over active imagination to glorify and hide the twisted acts of the other brother. 

A stand-alone dark historical fiction - Due date to be announced.

Children's Books

The Pirate Who Could Do Anything - An illustrated children's book about a pirate who tires of pirating and tries out other professions looking for the next big adventure. 

An early readers books. Release date to be announced.

The Three Princes's - An illustrated tale about three princes's who all want to inherit their parents kingdom and do not want to share with their brothers. The King and Queen devise a series of tasks for them to complete to prove which one is the most deserving of the thrown. 

For ages 6 - 8 years old. Release date to be announced.

Lilly the Contrary Fairy - An illustrated tale of a young rebellious fairy who always does the contrary to what she is supposed to do until one day this habit gets her into trouble and she needs help from a wise animal to get her out of the mess she's made. 

Any early readers book. Release date to be announced. 

The Sleepy Penguin _ An original tale told by the authors five-year-old son Dylan Craddock with his mother's illustrations. About a Penguin named Joe who can't get any sleep because his fellow Penguins in the Zoo are too noisy. He sets out to find help from the other Zoo animals in getting his habitat mates to quite down. 

A bedtime story for young children. Release date to be announced

When Dragons Dream - An illustrated poem about a boy who ponders the question "What do Dragons dream of?" 

A bedtime story for young readers. Release date to be announced.